Monday, January 6, 2014

An Animal Under the Leaves Press

Instead of snow-days, in Chicago we get wind-days. Today was my first wind-day off from school. It was supposed to be like -41 with wind but I wouldn't know since I have just been migrating between two couches all day. I am going to saute some kale and carrots with brown rice tonight for dinner. Mmmmm.


I've been working on my new English 101 syllabus. These are the first readings my students will do:

Langston Hughes’ “Salvation” (The Norton Reader, 657)
bell hooks, excerpt from Bone Black
Richard Rodriguez’s “Aria” (The Norton Reader, 297)
Brent Staples’ “Black Men and Public Space” (The Norton Reader, 229)
Alice Walker’s “Beauty: When the Other Dancer Is the Self” (The Norton Reader, 46)

I am excited about this. We'll be talking about inclusion and exclusion and assumptions about community.


Here is a poem by Abraham Smith that I read today (old issue) from Everyday Genius:

Abraham Smith
from: Only Jesus Could Icefish in Summer

the crows are i am home
as in i go to the rib doctor
in taos tell him pull one
i go to the duck decoy doctor
with that no laugh
or deep breath for at
least six weeks rib north of
minneapolis tell her
whittle me a wind wanderer
i go to the glassblower md
boston by way of fayetteville
tell him blow me a dip vessel
bout the size of the pineal and i
go to the big printer makers
before you homogenize the inks
in them big expense cubes i am as in
an animal under the leaves
am the leaves for all the eye
and the leaves ain't worth
thinking about since milton so
mind if i siphon a bag of
your rawest finest so
so home in crow as in yard chicken
eggs for breakfast
them yokes blood orange
they candle the heart
them kids five things
every morning
lamb duck mama to plastic waa waa lion train


My grandma, Spook, turns 91 today. I have to call her now!

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