Saturday, May 25, 2013

My Masts Are Made of Lightning; Your Ship Is Made of Waves Press

Traveling around Santa Fe this weekend. Road hair:

Today I went to a flea market and held some fossilized clams; to see the St. John's College campus; and to Museum of International Folk Art, which had the craziest dioramas I have ever seen in my life.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Live Every Day Like It Begins With a Walk of Shame Press

Here are the intros from the last Bad Shadow Affair reading of the season:

When I read Kathy Goodkin’s poems I feel like I’m a five year old in love with all the things most adults can no longer access. I think this has to do with a willingness to interact with wonder instead of stifling it with names. Her poems play TV tag and Red Rover with ghost-soldiers. But these poems don’t just hang out in the playground, they’re slipping into the woods behind the gym to smoke, they’re changing outfits in the bathroom stall, they’re beheading daffodils like an early frost before the first bell rings. Kathy’s poems access the unpredictability of movement, they are the eyes blinking at you from within the recess of a black tree.

Laura Eve Engel’s poems rub up against you but not like a cat does to your leg. More like a new kind of planet made from the vapors of snake venum, ransacked museums, the breath you use to melt the ice in the keyhole. This new kind of planet does not hesitate or demur; its proximity will scare astronomers and astrologers, politicians and businessmen. But not you, you who let this planet press letters into your back with its meteoric fingers, spelling out how admission is different than confession as a thousand milkweeds explode.
I love this one:


Jennifer Pilch sent me this painting by Clare Grill and I LOVE IT because it's within a frame and too much all at once:

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

You Just Got PreSchooled Press

Just found this poem written by a 4th grader from when I did Writers in the Schools in 2010. Kids are the best poets:

Ode to Hammocks
By Jake

Hammocks have the insane power to cure thoughts
like surgeons can fix a patient.
Hammocks are a rainbow of colors in the sky.
A hammock is a pirate ship on the open sea.
Hammocks are like a tough spider web.
A Hammock can catch prey and hold the prey
for hours like a prison can hold prisoners.
Hammocks are my favorite place to be.