Monday, March 18, 2013

The Noses of Mount Rushmore Press

Got a lovely email about the new issue of Fou being ready for you. Yes, you:

Dear Friends,

After some time away--births, jobs, continents, marathons, Camembert--we decided to rally and get our fourth issue of Fou out into the world and webscape. We hope you'll take a look, spend some time with the spectacular poems in the creeptastic habitat that Brad Soucy made for them, and pass it along.

Featuring work by: Christopher Brean Murray, Jackie Clark, Farrah Field, Brian Foley, Chris Tonelli, Karyna McGlynn, Emily Pettit, Matthew Lipmann, Brennen Wysong, Nate Pritts, Tricia Taaca, Geoffrey Nutter, Michael Earl Craig, and Alex Cigale

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