Thursday, March 28, 2013

Iris Idle Identicle Idoltary Press

Sometimes you have to hang out with a baby pygmy goat:

I have a lyric essay in the new issue of Puerto del Sol. Maybe you could buy a copy. Maybe?
All these rockstars are in it too:
Matt Bell
Steven Ramirez
Robin Lee Jordan
James O'Brien
Brenda Rankin
Shome Dasgupta
Lisa Estus
Sonya Huber
Julia Cohen
Joelle Biele
T Kira Madden
Jennifer Buxton
Max Somers
Britt Melewski
Matthew Wimberley
Sheryl Luna
Dani Sandal
Eric Morris
George David Clark
Noah Eli Gordon
Myronn Hardy
Catherine Kasper
David Romanda
Nora Hickey
Sally Wen Mao
Megan M. Wong
Kelsie Hahn
Sessily Watt
Jeanine Deibel


Recently discovered this blog:


Thoughts I've had today:

If I could get paid for eating grits...

Am I supposed to print out this Group-on?

If you're making an appointment with me to "just go over grammar and punctuation" then you're really meeting with me to talk about structure of your essay, what a topic sentence is, what a transition sentence is, what a signal phrase is, how to incorporate in-text citation....

I don't have any friend with a pet rattle snake.


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