Friday, March 15, 2013

I Love Vida Press

The 2012 stats for sex ratios in established and widely circulated journals and magazines have been released:

It seems not much has changed between 2010 and 2012, even with these numbers out in the open. For example:

In 2010, women were underrepresented in The New Yorker, where men authored 449 pieces, compared to 163 by women. In Harper’s Magazine, men writers outnumbered women writers by nearly 3 to 1. In The New Republic, 256 pieces were authored by men, while only 49 were written by women. In The New York Review of Books, men wrote 462 pieces and women 72. Even with these statistics out in the open, established publications have made little attempt to rectify this blatant gender imbalance. In 2012, Harper’s reviewed 54 books by men and 11 by women. The London Review of Books reviewed 203 books by men and 74 by women. And in Poetry Magazine, men outnumbered women 207 to 166. In a culture where the most widely recognized and “prestigious” journals and magazines continually marginalize the work of female writers, what poetic investigations and experiments are being ignored?



Here is Leora Fridman interviewing herself as part of The Next Big Thing project:

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