Monday, February 18, 2013

Midrift Oasis Press

I've got my gloves on. You know what I'm saying?

Do you?

Like, indoors-style.


Excited to hear Ross Gay and Erika Meitner read their work tonight in WV.


Thanks so much to Seth Landman, Leora Fridman, and Oren Silverman for reading on Saturday for the Bad Shadow Affair series in Denver. And for the special guest appearance of Jen Denrow while she introduced Seth. I'm pasting my intro below for Leora:

Leora Fridman’s poems pull on the loose thread of your sweater until it unravels, until it reconstitutes as a bird’s nest. Her poems dissect the toaster oven and rebuilt it as a spaceship. You can eat toast in outerspace with Leora. What I mean is, her poems investigate not to offer you an instruction manual but to get you lost inside a single atom. They encourage you to consider what your emotional relationship is to your cardigan. What’s your emotional relationship to a tree trunk or a candy striper? She writes, “I am not performing what
you can and cannot allow.” Her poems are not about allowance so much as an openness that mysteriously tends to find the intangible in the tangible and vise versa.
Check out some links to her work here:
Who Wins A Sailboat On Television.


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