Monday, April 30, 2012

Vs Are For Birds Press

Here is my select report on what I did last week/this weekend. Please mark it up with a red pen. Filled with your blood. That kind of red. That kind of blood:

1) I taught Zachary Schomburg's Scary, No Scary to undegrads. They are currently writing their midterm essays about this book & I'm pumped to see what amazing observations they make.

2) I read Levinas and Derrida (on Levinas) for hours. For so long that hours turned into crows & bear claws. Then the crows & bear claws fought each other on a cliff while Levinas & Derrida had a picnic. No one won, everyone fed the ants.

3) I had to look up what "qua" meant because I forgot, and apparently you can't read Levinas or Derrida without seeing this word in every paragraph. I'll show you my qua if you show me yours.

4) Tried to get into a free screening of The Raven. Which meant waiting on line with phd homeboys for an hour while watching girls at Coyote Ugly practice their dance moves in the window where we were stuck waiting.

5) Jeff Mangum concert (it was awesome).

6) Poetry workshop with Lisa Robertson. She makes me swoon.

7) JD's birthday bowling. JD's new camera had just arrived, so maybe my favorite part of the day was just watching her take photos of everything nonstop. Nonstop I say.

8) Lilac thievery. And also hydrangia thievery.

9) Saw The Cabin in the Woods. You should go see this movie. Possibly with whiskey & an arm to grab onto.

Here are 2 of my favorite poems from Scary, No Scary:


Your limbs
will be torn off
in a farm accident.

Tree limbs
will grow in those places.

You'll cry at night
as your limbs curl a little around your still-soft face,
as your skin toughens.

A hummingbird will begin
to hover near your ear.

Soon you'll be
more tree
than person.

You'll go camping in the woods
and never come back.


We talked in class about the trajectory of the stanzas in terms of violence and transformation, the use of the future tense, the "you" form of address, enjambment as torn limbs, and how we can read the ending as "no scary."



When the bats
from the mouth of
the cave
hold on tight
at my waist.

If I fall
into the ocean
bury what washes up
beneath the mattress
of my first bed.

When our eyelashes fall out
it does not mean we are about to die
it means we are about to be saved.

We should look
directly into the sun.

We should
expect a boat.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Falling Bear Press

So, this actually happened today in colorado. And no, it's not a man in a bearsuit. Although I do love me a man in a bearsuit:
Here is the story: The bear -- a 200-pound male that wildlife officials estimate is 3 to 5 years old -- was tranquilized Thursday morning after a 21/2 hour romp around the dorms. Ironically, the bear was roaming near the Bear Creek student apartments. The bear scuttled 15 feet up a tree that was nearby 30th Street, and, a little after 10 a.m. officials shot two darts at the bear to tranquilize it. The decision was made because of the bear's proximity to the dorms and U.S. 36, said Ryan Huff, a spokesman for the CU Police Department.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Julia Cohen Is John Cusack Is Edgar Allen Poe Is The Raven Press

I met and cooked dinner for an Israeli relative I'd never met before last night, who was in town to lead a psychology workshop. I cooked green thai curry tofu and broccoli. We took my dog to the park, too. What else? This week it's been warm enough that I'm about to pack away my cutt-off gloves. Tomorrow night, after a morning of meeting with students, teaching, then meeting with more students, I'm going to see The Raven because I have free tickets. There is really no other excuse for seeing this movie. Don't even try. And your love for John Cusack grosses me out. What else?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

"I Am I Because My Little Dog Knows Me" Press

I would like to transport myself to NYC and see this show:
"Beginning with the art that Leo Stein collected when he arrived in Paris in 1903—including paintings and prints by Paul Cézanne, Edgar Degas, Paul Gauguin, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Édouard Manet, and Auguste Renoir—the exhibition traces the evolution of the Steins' taste and examines the close relationships formed between individual members of the family and their artist friends. While focusing on works by Matisse and Picasso, the exhibition also includes paintings, sculpture, and works on paper by Pierre Bonnard, Maurice Denis, Juan Gris, Marie Laurencin, Jacques Lipchitz, Henri Manguin, André Masson, Elie Nadelman, Francis Picabia, and others."

It's only up until June 3rd, so I might have to send a surrogate. And by "surrogate" I mean: Friends, if you're in NYC, go to this show!

DLS Press

It's Dandelion Liberation Season! If you're not with us, you're, well, against dandelions.

Kick them as hard as you can. Join the Dandelion Liberation Front.

Help them propagate. DLF!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Patron Press

I have a great idea. You're rich (or you get rich right now), you start a press and publish my 2nd and 3rd manuscripts, and then you also want to buy me these things, because you're a wildly awesome press editor and publisher/patron. Right?

Okay, or, well, I will just say these are things I'd like to acquire someday soon when I have more $$:
This book:

This book:
The Home Book by James Schuyler

Well, okay, that is the very expensive version, I would also just like this version, too.

A used record player from Twist & Shout:

And, um, a new vacuum cleaner?

Thursday, April 12, 2012

DIA to BDL Press

I'm at the airport right now. Basically, just hoping my plane is sturdy & safe.

I'm on a panel & reading at the Juniper Festival this weekend. I'll be there both days but doing the panel & reading on Saturday. I hope you are in MA & I can see your face. Show me your face. Please reenact the movie Face/Off. You can be Cage or Travolta. Or both. My favorite part of that movie: the magnetic boots all the prisoners have to wear. And by favorite I mean "most disturbing" and "it's not my fault my brother owned this movie when we were kids." Anyways, info:

Juniper Literary Festival: New Writers/New Writing: Schedule of Events

Friday, April 13
6:30 pm JOURNAL & BOOK FAIR opening reception
7:30 pm READING with Robert Fernandez, Amelia Gray, Anna Moschovakis, & Vincent Standley

Saturday, April 14
11:30 am JOURNAL & BOOK FAIR continues
12:00 pm READING with Christoper DeWeese, Corwin Ericson, Julia Holmes, & Paul Legault
1:15 pm ROUNDTABLES Nuts & Bolts: From Manuscript to Book, moderated by Zach Savich and Digital Hybrids: How New Media Shape New Writing, moderated by Blake Butler
2:30 pm ROUNDTABLES Editors' Reading, featuring bateau, Conjunctions, jubilat, & Noö Journal and Book/Art: The Book As Collaborative Form, moderated by Guy Pettit
3:45 pm READING with Blake Butler, Macgregor Card, Julia Cohen, & Anna Joy Springer
7:00 pm JOURNAL & BOOK FAIR reopens
7:30 pm KEYNOTE READING with James Tate, celebrating the publication of Eternal Ones of the Dream: Later Selected Poems
All events take place at the UMass Fine Arts Center. Free and open to the public.

Fragile. Carousel. Frigate. Cusp. Press.

Robert Cataldo has a new show up in Richmond. It involves a train hopping accident, hospitals, bookshelves, carousels, skin grafts, blood, paint. That's all I'm going to tell you, but you can read an article about it here:

Check out his blog here:
And two art pieces from the show I love:

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Dark Is Not Dark Press

I think I didn't mention this yet, but I have a poetics statement/lyric essay in Evening Will Come, here: