Saturday, December 22, 2012

Nuevo Huevo Press

Made it to Mexico to visit my parents. I think I'm en route to getting bronchitis, which is not part of the planned journey. "Boo, hiss" goes the crowd. Or, more like "Hiss, crackle," goes the sound of the fire I have brewing in my parent's study to stay toasty and boost me back to health.


In horrible news, the Qatari poet Mohamed Abn Al Ajami was just sentences to life in prison for reciting a poem about the Tunisian uprising. PLEASE sign this petition:

Not a great poem, but passionate and deserving of being read without receiving a year in solitary confinement, followed by a trial at which he was denied defending himself, then a life sentence.


My close friend from 7th grade, who I hadn't seen since we were maybe 17, visited Denver and we had a lovely dinner. I think she'll be returning soon so I'm excited to rekindle this friendship. Maybe we'll never take our coats off together and that can be our "thing":

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