Tuesday, December 25, 2012

I Thought We Caught All The Scorpions That Live In Your Throat Press

I coined a new term. Instead of "empty nest syndrome" there is now "fiesta nest syndrome," which means when you and your siblings leave the house, your parents move to Mexico and party all the time. Fiesta nest, yes.

I heard some very raucous stories last night from my parent and their friends. Involving margaritas and nude cannonballs in the pool. I think your senior citizen discounts should be revoked if this is what you do. Sorry, seniors.



For your Christmas present, I will join LinkedIn.


Photos from Mexico:

Photos from my cousin's wedding this past Sept that I just found on my mom's camera:

Um, we put my grandma in old fashioned aviator goggles and a scarf. She is a good sport:
I don't think we're a very serious clan...

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