Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Family Portrait Press

This is how my dad rides his computer:

Basically, these are my two favorite photos in existence right now:


Family update: Just so you know, my lifelong pact with myself "never to sing in public" was not broken tonight, regardless of my mom's amazing jug band practice and the afterparty, which entailed various renditions of The Band songs and The Righteous Brothers songs. Everyone else was drinking incredibly strong margaritas, though, and I was drinking tea, due to my coughing that sounds like TV static. I had no vices to weaken my resolve.

Don't get me wrong, I do have vices:

I like to watch entire seasons of TV shows in 72 hour periods.
Cashews. Please help me say no to them?
I'm all talk when it comes to getting tattoos.
I'd rather be near a bonfire than not near a bonfire, even in 90 degree weather.
I would like everyone to finally acknowledge that a higher education system based around adjuncts is unsustainable and cruel. Oh wait, that's just common sense.

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