Thursday, November 1, 2012

Rival Yeti Press

Should I write a book called Dark Raft? It would be about a raft that's darker than the sea. And other things.


Greying Ghost Press is about to sell out of some of their chapbooks so I advise that you go here and order some before it's too late.


Wendy Xu has an interview and poems up here.
Here is one of them, by Wendy Xu:

Unapologetic Poem
for E. White

There are reasons to ride a bike not
related to joy. But you don’t believe in not
believing. I believe in blaming everything
on the highway, big dumb highway sliding
toward conclusions. One of you and one
of me, to be numerous. We handle
ourselves like some kind of gospel. I go
for a walk to tell you about this terrible
dream involving wolves. You and I
went down into the cave. We went down
like we knew what we were doing. We
went down and it mattered. Everything
matters when you are reverently displaced.
But you don’t say anything
about moving through all those stars.


And Bianca Stone is killing it here with poetry.

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