Sunday, October 7, 2012

What You Feel Is Space & What You Fell Will Float Away Press

You know it's a good Sunday morning when you can tell someone, "I think some of the inside of your face got on the outside of your face."


I just finished a panel presentation paper for the Rocky Mountain MLA conference entitled, "Lorine Niedecker, James Schuyler, & the Uncontainable Object." Honestly, I feel relieved, this paper has been consuming my weekends since the beginning of September. I feel good that I worked my way through some of Niedecker's difficult poems, poems that I love to read but up to now have had trouble talking about conceptually. And it was fun connecting her work to Schuyler's.

Or in other words, "Lorine and James, I love you, but back the eff up. I need some space. Get your junk outa my face."


Okay, more intros, this one from the Bad Shadow Affair reading last month in Denver:

Dot Devota:
I’m going to tell you how I feel about Dot Devota’s poems. You are invited & not invited. You are digging to bury & to unearth. You’re here, & here is a lemon blanket, the shortest straw, the grossest animal. Now you’re over there, which is a liquid feeling or a plant growing on all fours. You’re not standing or sitting or gliding; you’re immersed. You are ransacked & you are receiving gifts. Dot Devota writes, “And what must break thoroughly is fever into intelligence.” I read this two ways, that fever turns into a kind of intelligence and that intelligence needs a new kind of fever to survive. I feel that. I feel like these poems speed past me, but do so to bivouac a safe passage. And by safe I mean tangled & guttural. In these poems, emotions are sonic, abstractions order pizza, and associations glint with momentum. The poetics of immersion. Please welcome the fever, Dot Devota.

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