Friday, October 19, 2012

Urban Poodle Splurge Machine Press

I'm going to dress like Annie Hall tonight. "Oh la de da."


I'm sending out Denver Quarterly proofs by pony express today. Please feed the horse an apple when it reaches your doorstep. I'm excited to see issue 47.2 come together.

I'm listening to Crayon and The Body and drinking mint tea.


I want to see Safety Not Guaranteed. Is that still in theaters?


My younger cousin's facebook feed it popping up all the time now & I've recently learned that she has a pomegranate tree growing in her office (now producing fruit!) & she wants to eat some cheesecake. Glad I'm staying on top of family business.


Horse lips scare me. They're so flappy & extensive. Horse lips are nightmares.


I think I need to put the phrase "handshake rabies" in a poem. What do you think?


Hi Denver Friends,

One of my close college friends, Alexis Gideon, is a musician and film maker and is performing this Monday (10/22) in Denver (music and stop-animation).

I hope you can come with me. I've seen him perform in Denver before and it's quite amazing, I promise. Info and links below:
If you're NOT in Denver, check out his tour schedule:

Info about the 10/22 Denver performance:

Emmanuel Gallery
Lawrence Street Mall
1201 10th Street, Denver, CO 80204
On the Auraria Campus of University of Colorado Denver
Live Performance & Reception; October 22
Reception 5pm - Live Performance 6pm
Artist Q&A- 7pm

"Beautiful and strange"
-The New York Post

The latest in Gideon's Video Musics series, Video Musics III: Floating Oceans was made in collaboration with Cynthia Star (ParaNorman, Coraline), Jacob Rubin (Best New American Voices), Melody Owen, and Jamin London Tinsel among others. The piece was filmed in the south of France, New York City and Portland, OR, and uses stop-motion and line drawing animation, and incorporates Super8 film with digital HD technology. All dialogue in the video opera are expressed through lyrics and music performed live in front of the projected video.

"First class" -Wired


Trey Jordan Harris said...

I love everything about you. in a poetry kind of way. this is a weird internet comment of poetry love

Julia Cohen said...

poetry love is one of the best kinds of love, so thank you.

steven karl said...

I liked Safety Not Guaranteed. My friend has a song in the film so we went to check it out & ended up really liking the movie.

Julia Cohen said...

ooh, I'm glad you saw it. I love Aubrey Plaza. I want to support the movie by seeing it in the theater if I can. Sometimes when I try to spell "can" I end up spelling "acne"...