Friday, October 5, 2012

Lamp Post Spine Press

Hey you guys.

Nice matching watches.

Where'd you get those po' boys?



Disclosure #204: When I can spell "fjord" or "japing" in Scrabble I actually get excited.


I think I valiantly fought off a cold this week. And by "valiantly" I mean "yuppie-ish-ly" by drinking tons of Odwalla Super Food & slinging vitamins.

Although I think I forgot to eat dinner last night.


Been watching some lady standup:

Jen Kirkman:

Morgan Murphy:

Why can't I find any Melissa Paull stand up on youtube? So when I say "Why can't I..." I mean "please compensate for my ineptitude and do it for me, please. Like, don't ever talk to me again until you've completed this one task I ask of you."


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