Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Half Rabbit Half Ocean Press

It's a grey shoes for grey pants kind of day. I joined twitter @JuliaACohen

So, yeah, keep up if you can. For every person that follows me, I will add another item of clothing that makes me look like Annie Hall. For example, I could use a tie and a hat:


My intro for Rebecca Farivar's reading this last weekend. She slayed:
Rebecca Farivar’s poems are filled with the immense: whales, mammoths, the whole sky. Yet they’re equally enmeshed in the diminutive, what might often be overlooked: the rough tongues of birds, the teabag plunk against porcelain, the gasp of a red thread. It seems like nothing escapes her gaze, to be snagged in her poems is to be attended to. Rebecca writes, “No matter where you go / you are a small thing /inside a large thing / filling yourself / with smaller things.” We’re always in relation and she splices us into momentary associations with objects, abstractions, landscapes. Rebecca catches us in these thorny matrixes because she cares. As she writes, “I need to be more friendly. I need to treat Estonians better.”
You can find her book here:

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