Monday, October 8, 2012

Blue Steeple Press

Last evening the lovely poet/person Elisa Gabbert went shopping with me for some essentials for the impending dark days & chilling weather: a winter blanket, pj bottoms, soup, winter boots, and an ironing board. (And some dog bones to keep D’Count busy.)

Oh winter, I am ready for you: your long white arms, your fogged windows, your heavy shoes, your icy eyelids, your slow pulse, your melting crystals, your bite your bite your bite.

Then I watched three episodes of Louie CK (3rd season); ate soup & toast.

Then I started reading Alphonso Lingis’ Trust. This is the first book I’ve read in a while that wasn’t assigned to a class I’m assisting or a book I was reviewing or for an academic paper I was writing. Feels good. Here are a few sentences from the preface:

“Courage and trust have this in common: they are not attitudes with regard to images and representations. Courage is a force that can arise and hold steadfast as one’s projections, expectations, and hope dissipates. Courage rises up and takes hold and builds on itself. Trust is a force that can arise hold onto someone whose motivations are as unknown as those of death. It takes courage to trust someone you do not know. There is an exhilaration in trusting that builds on itself. One really cannot separate in this exhilaration the force of trust and the force of courage.”

Do you agree or disagree? I think I would like to agree.

Then then then.

Then I’ll also show you this Lorine Niedecker couplet:

Don’t tell me property is sacred!
Things that move, yes!—

Sigh, isn’t that lovely? Alright, the day moves on with me in it & I must.


Elisa said...

I didn't realize so many of your purchases had a mind of winter! Are wrinkles the stuff of summer? They must be.

Julia Cohen said...

The Winter Mind by Elisa Gabbert