Friday, September 28, 2012

When I Crawl Toward the Sea I Crawl Toward the Land Press

Your fortune cookie says: "You will not see it coming. It will look like a leaf & feel like the sea."


Pleased to let you know that the new fall issue of the Denver Quarterly is out. I.e., time to fall in love:

CONTRIBUTORS: Brian Blanchfield, Sommer Browning, Elizabeth Burns, Charles Caramello, Lisa Ciccarello, Cynthia Cruz, Julia Dratel, Barbara Claire Freeman, John Gallaher, Dan Guststein, Bradley Harrison (interview with Mary Ruefle), Patty Houston, Daniel A. Hoyt, Becky Kennedy, LS Klatt, Teresa Milbrodt, Kristen E Nelson (review of Kristi Maxwell's Re-), Fani Papageorgiou, Deborah Poe, Dani Rado (review of Phong Nguyen's Memory Sickness), Yoval Shimoni (trans. from Hebrew), Jay Snodgrass, Page Hill Starzinger, Catherine Thomas, Kerri Webser, Mike White.

COVER ART: Larry Lorca takes his name from two of his favorite poets. he has been adorning the streets of Richmond Virginia with murals, posters, and installations for over a decade. More of his work can be found on Tyger/Rabbitt is 24''x22'' and paint on wood (2011).

Lisa Ciccarello


The desert was raised whole from the body of the desert.
It is eternal & full of wolves.

The wolves have a story about love, about
how he relaxed himself into the fire
when she turned away

This is the way love goes: beneath
the ground.

The desert makes a hopeless lover of the soldiers.
See: it is soft & innumerable.

Any place in the desert is the heart of the desert:
plant a sword & sand
pumps blindly in every direction

The body of the desert is the desert's army.
It rises & changes
& rises again.

See: we will never finish


Things you can do with the new issue: take it in the bath, take it on a horseback riding adventure, pour it a glass of expensive champagne, build a tent fort with it in your living room.


Louis Profeta said...

The metaphors kind of stumbled, other than that I found a interesting desert, my favorite read is Sheltering Sky, Paul Bowles told it well, the travelers lived near The Sahara (don't call them tourists) they forever traveled in a group.

Louis Profeta said...

This is the first time using this feature, it's interesting even though I get shaken commenting on other writers my qualifications are few. I read the same group of writers over and again, it's like the taste of wine you like a lot for summer or fall. Tennyson, Stevens, Poe and Larkin, try him! I feel reading is as good or better then writing because with writing I always feel I'm trying to do it better then some figment of my own imagination and stage fright awakens. You just can't do it better than Poe, a slight voice whispers at my ear!

Louis Profeta said...

Poe has great cadence I find he moves me in his grip, a kind grip though, while Tennyson lifts and carries me very near the sea, and his voice is echoing over the storm in defiance of all fears, he's strong voice, I can hear him.