Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Pinky Switch Press

1. The hairdryer in my hotel bathroom has a tag that says, "warn children of the risk of death." In general? Um, Okay....

2. Discloser: I have a plum & a nectarine sitting on the nightstand.

3. From now on, when you ask someone how they're doing, you HAVE to say, "How's life in the fast lane?" just to see how they handle it.

4. Thank you John Stewart:

5. I know I haven't had a TV in 3.5 years but is this what ads are really like now? This is the cat treat ad the hotel just showed me:

Oh man, it's September 1st which means that new seasons of 30 rock, parks & rec, and, um, Vampire Diaries are available on netflix. Hello, netflix. But not really, because I don't think this semester I have time to watch schedule is a little daunting right now but I'm trying to remain calm: TA-ing two literature courses, working in the J&W writing center, working for the Denver Quarterly, and then applying for academic jobs for next fall.

6. In the meantime, I will admit to something that I should probably keep a secret. I love Vera Wang. This (wedding) dress rocks the leaves off all the branches, it rocks the clouds out of the clouds:
I hope my cousin's fiance wears it at her wedding this evening. Doubtful.

I feel like I've just shamed myself. To redeem myself I'll cook you a broccoli raab sandwich. I'll catch some clouds & stash them into your pillowcase. Eh, eh?


Shawnte Orion said...
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Matthew Blood-Smyth said...

Cloud pillowcase. This vapor cushion seeps through my nose and the sky is in me and my dreams are of the sky.