Thursday, September 27, 2012

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Apparently my repressed childhood fear of having the lights go out during a storm actually drove me OUTSIDE into the storm last night. Illogically it felt safer to be walking around in a downpour with thunder & lightning than to be inside by myself waiting in fear of a blackout.


If you're in NY, please go to this on my behalf:

Suzanne Tremblay and The Gershwin Hotel Present Ish Klein's “Letters from an Atmosphere”
Opening Reception: Saturday, September 29th 2012, 6PM-8PM
Artist in Residence September 1-September 30 2012
At the Gershwin Hotel (7 E 27th Street New York, NY)

I want to be there so badly.


If you are anywhere else in the US, maybe you are in one of these cities and can catch these amazing writers on tour:

Sept 30--in Boise, Idaho with Jared White, Dan Magers, Farrah Field, and Kyle Crawford
7pm, at The Crux, 1022 W Main Street, Boise.

October 2--Portland, Oregon with Farrah Field, Jared White, and Dan Magers with musical guest import/import
7:30 PM, Recess Gallery 1127 SE 10th Avenue Portland, OR 97214 (207-409-6763)

October 5--Oakland, California with Dan Magers, Farrah Field, and Jared White
at Studio 1 Art Center

Oct 6--San Francisco radio appearance with Jared White, Farrah Field, and Dan Magers
Poet as Radio airs Saturday from 9-10

Oct 8--poetry talk and tea with students at Cal Arts Los Angeles, CA
4 pm

Oct 9--Los Angeles, CA reading with Jared White and Dan Magers
The Pop-Hop bookstore
5002 York Boulevard, Los Angeles, in Highland Park
7 pm

Oct 10—the book tour ends in NY with this great reading
@ 6:30 pm in New York, NY.
Celebrating New Work from 2012 CLMP Face Out Grantees
Cynthia Cruz,Farrah Field (Four Way Books), Dan Machlin reading for Frances Richard (Futurepoem Books), Dan Magers (Birds, LLC), Kristin Prevallet (Belladonna Books)
NYU Main Bookstore, 726 Broadway
Farrah’s dad will be there!!

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