Sunday, September 2, 2012

Fruit Vs. Fruit Press

Nothing like a good morning gchat conversation about what a "healthy vagina" can do, to start the day (and then cut&pasting an excerpt from it into your blog...):

me: question: "my vagina makes the best smoothies" funny or creepy?
Oren: i could see a situation where the initial response is laughter
but the proper one should be fear
so with the option
i choose OR
me: it was a trick question
good choice


There are so many dudes out there who identify as a type of nerd: beer-nerd, bike-nerd, etc. I'm waiting for the man who identifies as a "vulva-nerd."

Am I?


"You will not stop screaming until you have a taco" would be the best fortune cookie message ever.

Just a thought.


I think I'm going to go outside and play some soccer right now. You think I'm joking but I'm not. You guys, I'm not joking all the time. Okay? I can mean things. Meaning and shin-guards are not mutually exclusive.


I didn't get much sleep last night. Tomorrow I return to Denver. Could not be more excited.

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