Monday, September 3, 2012

Airport Press

You should spell KNOW as KNO' from now on. Okay? It's just, you kno', the cool thing to do.


Oh my family is so sweet, things they gave me this morning as day-early birthday presents:

1. Bose cord: I have small Bose speakers for my laptop & haven't been able to use them, ever, because of this particular lost cord.

2. a Nano: because as soon as I generous person gave me his extra earbuds, I lost my nano.

3. A check to buy a bicycle wheel: because someone stole my back tire in May & apparently I've been paralyzed with sadness & brokeness & haven't replaced it yet.

These three things will make my life so much more fun (more mobile AND more musical)! I didn't expect anything other than the lovely coincidence that we were all in DC for my birthday weekend & then all this happened at breakfast.


Wait 'til you get to the 2 minute mark:

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