Friday, September 28, 2012

When I Crawl Toward the Sea I Crawl Toward the Land Press

Your fortune cookie says: "You will not see it coming. It will look like a leaf & feel like the sea."


Pleased to let you know that the new fall issue of the Denver Quarterly is out. I.e., time to fall in love:

CONTRIBUTORS: Brian Blanchfield, Sommer Browning, Elizabeth Burns, Charles Caramello, Lisa Ciccarello, Cynthia Cruz, Julia Dratel, Barbara Claire Freeman, John Gallaher, Dan Guststein, Bradley Harrison (interview with Mary Ruefle), Patty Houston, Daniel A. Hoyt, Becky Kennedy, LS Klatt, Teresa Milbrodt, Kristen E Nelson (review of Kristi Maxwell's Re-), Fani Papageorgiou, Deborah Poe, Dani Rado (review of Phong Nguyen's Memory Sickness), Yoval Shimoni (trans. from Hebrew), Jay Snodgrass, Page Hill Starzinger, Catherine Thomas, Kerri Webser, Mike White.

COVER ART: Larry Lorca takes his name from two of his favorite poets. he has been adorning the streets of Richmond Virginia with murals, posters, and installations for over a decade. More of his work can be found on Tyger/Rabbitt is 24''x22'' and paint on wood (2011).

Lisa Ciccarello


The desert was raised whole from the body of the desert.
It is eternal & full of wolves.

The wolves have a story about love, about
how he relaxed himself into the fire
when she turned away

This is the way love goes: beneath
the ground.

The desert makes a hopeless lover of the soldiers.
See: it is soft & innumerable.

Any place in the desert is the heart of the desert:
plant a sword & sand
pumps blindly in every direction

The body of the desert is the desert's army.
It rises & changes
& rises again.

See: we will never finish


Things you can do with the new issue: take it in the bath, take it on a horseback riding adventure, pour it a glass of expensive champagne, build a tent fort with it in your living room.

I'm Wearing My Invisibilty Cloak Because I'm Creepy Press

Question of the day: If you HAD to have a life-size cardboard cut-out of a musician in your apartment, who would it be?


I'm going to this on Saturday. I will be late:

Another reading at Leon!

This time we have Steffi Drewes, Joe Lennon, Andrea Rexilius and, accidently became house band, Poets Row.

It'll be great! It'll be rad!

And there will be a slew of Denver artists on the walls!

Bios below:

Steffi Drewes was born in Iowa and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. She curates Featherboard Writing Series in Oakland and volunteers at Kelsey Street Press. Her poems have appeared in SpringGun, Mary, Eleven Eleven, Fourteen Hills, Monday Night, No Tell Motel and New American Writing, among others.

Andrea Rexilius is the author of Half of What They Carried Flew Away (Letter Machine, 2012) and To Be Human Is To Be A Conversation (Rescue Press, 2011). She currently teaches BA & MFA courses at Naropa University’s Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics and manages the JKS Summer Writing Program.

Joe Lennon comes from the remote corners of the empire. He is a content uploader for, and he was the lead singer for Doufuzha, a punk rock band with Chinese characteristics. He lives in Denver, Colorado where Broadway becomes South Broadway.

Poets Row is a fantastic band; it's sad that we've met on a cliche. Check them out here:

They're kinda the house band of my heart. They should play every month.

1112 E. 17th Avenue
Denver, Colorado 80218

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ghost Daddy DayCarrie Press

Apparently my repressed childhood fear of having the lights go out during a storm actually drove me OUTSIDE into the storm last night. Illogically it felt safer to be walking around in a downpour with thunder & lightning than to be inside by myself waiting in fear of a blackout.


If you're in NY, please go to this on my behalf:

Suzanne Tremblay and The Gershwin Hotel Present Ish Klein's “Letters from an Atmosphere”
Opening Reception: Saturday, September 29th 2012, 6PM-8PM
Artist in Residence September 1-September 30 2012
At the Gershwin Hotel (7 E 27th Street New York, NY)

I want to be there so badly.


If you are anywhere else in the US, maybe you are in one of these cities and can catch these amazing writers on tour:

Sept 30--in Boise, Idaho with Jared White, Dan Magers, Farrah Field, and Kyle Crawford
7pm, at The Crux, 1022 W Main Street, Boise.

October 2--Portland, Oregon with Farrah Field, Jared White, and Dan Magers with musical guest import/import
7:30 PM, Recess Gallery 1127 SE 10th Avenue Portland, OR 97214 (207-409-6763)

October 5--Oakland, California with Dan Magers, Farrah Field, and Jared White
at Studio 1 Art Center

Oct 6--San Francisco radio appearance with Jared White, Farrah Field, and Dan Magers
Poet as Radio airs Saturday from 9-10

Oct 8--poetry talk and tea with students at Cal Arts Los Angeles, CA
4 pm

Oct 9--Los Angeles, CA reading with Jared White and Dan Magers
The Pop-Hop bookstore
5002 York Boulevard, Los Angeles, in Highland Park
7 pm

Oct 10—the book tour ends in NY with this great reading
@ 6:30 pm in New York, NY.
Celebrating New Work from 2012 CLMP Face Out Grantees
Cynthia Cruz,Farrah Field (Four Way Books), Dan Machlin reading for Frances Richard (Futurepoem Books), Dan Magers (Birds, LLC), Kristin Prevallet (Belladonna Books)
NYU Main Bookstore, 726 Broadway
Farrah’s dad will be there!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Look Who's TalKingdom of Heaven Press

I'm going to start a company that turns medical problems into fashion statements.

Who wants to invest?

It’s been a long time since I read Leaves of Grass. In “Song of Myself,” lines I forgot I loved:

the beautiful uncut hair of graves.


I am not an earth nor an adjunct of an earth

rejections with convex lips,

You splash in the water there, yet stay stock still in your room.
Not asking the sky to come down to my good will,
I resist any thing better than my own diversity,
you take it I would astonish?
Does the daylight astonish? does the early redstart twittering
through the woods?
Do I astonish more than they?

This hour I tell things in confidence,
I might not tell everybody, but I will tell you.

Whoever degrades another degrades me
I speak the pass-word primeval,
Dazzling and tremendous how quick the sun-rise would kill me,
If I could not now and always send sun-rise out of me.

I am there again.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Apocalyptic Posies Press

New poem up at The Leveler. I like that the editors take the time to offer their thoughts on the poem:

Although I do think the moments of "outright mystery" are actually not so mysterious. But maybe a little mystery is good anyways. Very happy to be a part of this journal with such a rad format. I hope you all submit poems!

Ironing on Cardboard Press

Thanks to all the 4 readers & the attentive audience for making the first autumn Bad Shadow Affair reading optimally amazing.


I'm sitting on a green couch trying to write an academic paper.

Things feel iffy.

My hair doesn't want to stay in a bun.

A confluence of letters & rabbits.

Dried thistle does not look that different from live thistle.

I'm going to make big salad with avocados for dinner.

It's 1:15pm.

I have an iron but no ironing board. Could I just use a flattened cardboard box?


More introductory bios:

Jesse Morse:
Jesse’s poetry swarms with movement: people and objects “creep,” “break,” “freeze,” “placate,” “make play” “smack” and “jockey.” And these undulations and jostlings are not solitary or contained; they grind and sway against each other in unexpected traffic. Like watching a typewriter and a boomerang slow-dance together by the punch bowl. Poems of strange and impossible frictions, unnerving embraces. In Jesse’s work, observation is both a laconic and languorous collision; there is an infinite layering of elements which deserve investigation, and luckily he gives us multiple entry points, the most enticing one being, “a trapdoor under fire under a poem.”

Emily Pettit:
The final lines of the first poem in Emily Petti’s book, Goat in the Snow, are:
“You are not alone when you make ridiculous gestures /with your arms and legs, and call it dancing. We all are.” I read this two ways: 1) you are not alone when you make ridiculous gestures because we all are making similar gestures. And 2), you are alone making ridiculous gestures because we are all alone within these gestures. Emily’s poetry continually resists singular meaning: we are given declarations and answers that only serve to bewilder, to show us ever-forking tributaries that never lead us to the expected body of water. She presents us with the paradox, “That we would know this noise, / that we would act accordingly” because these poems prove there is no set way to act, that “accordingly” is unfixed, wavering. In a collection that includes 27 “how to” poems, we live out both the anxiety that no one can ever instruct us on how to experience anything, and the faith that this generates mystery and excitement. Emily writes, “And it is easy to say things. It is harder /to mean things. Build a pyramid. Have no /idea why.”
LINK: Read samples & buy the book here.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Babby Batter Volume 1 Press

Don't forget to come to the reading tonight with Graham Foust, Dot Devota, Brandon Shimoda, and Corina Copp. Okay?

I'm going to start posting some of the intros I've written for previous Bad Shadow Affair readers and links to their work:

Maureen Owen:
I read Erosion’s Pull in 2007 and it was the first time I experienced poems where the titles had line breaks, options, and could snake out as long as the poem itself. Maureen Owen’s titles introduce a poetics of collision and expansion. Giddy with incongruous adjectives and movement, there’s both an excess of elbowroom and an excess of jostling. Her poems are crowded elevators, brimming with the sweaty bike messenger, the stiff-collared executive, the secretary, and the echo of Marilyn Monroe’s ghost. Her poems are the air around the elevator, the air that doesn’t stop once you reach the top floor.

J. Mae Barizo:
One day when I was 21, I stayed late after work at my summer job and my boss came up to me and asked me if I wanted to buy a glass vase with her. Why, I asked? She said, I like to smash them against rocks in the forest. To her, this destruction was music, shards, relief. J. Mae Barizo’s poems pick up pieces of our world and crack them open like geodes, like she’s just trying to figure out what the connective tissue looks like between a bicycle and empathy. And after she cracks open and splinters these objects, noises, moods, she most tenderly adheres them together again, slightly altered. From reading J. Mae’s poems, I’ve learned that America is filled with silly coins and outlined in a rumor; that words are strings of hanging lanterns; that phones are babies; and that we are as uncertain as music.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

What Is Fridge Press

If I was in NYC tonight I would go to this new music series:

Tonight I'm going to finish writing bios for the Saturday Bad Shadow Affair reading. And work on a fellowship application. I might eat a bagel. And a salad with avocado. Basically, what is in my fridge.

S&N's baby G, second day of life:
So happy.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Locust vs. Loc Ness Press

If you're in NY or visiting NY this is the thing to do:

What is LOCULIS?

LOCULIS is Mike Newton’s curation of the curators.

An artist, critic and art devotee, Mike takes a direct, engaged,
sometimes eccentric approach to art-viewing, and LOCULIS is his
invitation to join him.

Every Saturday at 11:00 AM, Mike gives an intimate tour of NYC’s
contemporary art galleries.

He curates a selection of galleries to visit, provides background
material and information on the exhibits, and initiates discussion
about the work.

Not only a great introduction to NYC's (sometimes daunting)
contemporary art scene, Mike’s tours also provide a unique way to see
some of the best art in the city.

Tours are generally limited to around 12 people, but don’t hesitate to
write about availability. The cost is $20 per person.

If you’d like to come on a tour, you can email Mike at

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. The fall
tours begin this Saturday, Sept. 22.

For an on-the-ground report from a LOCULIS tour, read Steven Karl’s
article in Coldfront:

For some of Mike’s art criticism, see his gallery reviews in Harp &

Or visit the LOCULIS site here:

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Shadow in the Collar of Your Eye Pres

The Bad Shadow Affair series is back from summer break and ready to entrance you:

Pleased to let you know that the new Bad Shadow Affair series begins this Saturday with Graham Foust, Brandon Shimoda, Dot Devota, and Corina Copp.

Info below. Please note NEW starting time.

Sept, Saturday the 22nd
Brandon Shimoda
Dot Devota
Corina Copp
Graham Foust

When?: Saturday. Doors at 6:30pm, reading starts PROMPTLY at 7pm (new earlier time)
Where?: at Lost Lake Lounge | 3602 East Colfax | Denver, Colorado
How?: Magic. And some planning.
Why?: Community.

Hope to see you all there!
Julia & Sommer

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Hound Points to the Invisible Press

Been reading Niedecker all weekend, here are some quotes. I think I'm going to focus on poetry stuff for the next month:


Do you understand how awesome it is to put "dark" and "infested" together as one word? I hope you do.

"And the place / was water"

"letters / rabbits"

This could be a good tattoo. On 1 wrist, the word 'letters" and the other "rabbits" & then I'll always have Niedecker.

Heather Christle has a review up at the Believer. Check it check it:

Friday, September 14, 2012

When The Lamps Hold Up The Clouds Press

Instead of just texting friends about the weird bus experiences I've had in the last two months I think I'll pose them in terms of life lessons. So for example, today's life lesson is from the route 12 bus: If you get on the bus with a giant canister of Potato Stix, offer some to your seat-neighbor:
I can't express how large this container was.


So last week I posted photos sans faces & this week are some travel photos con cabezas:

And then the crazy light that happened at the airport when I returned from this month of traveling. Doesn't it look like the lamps are holding up the clouds?:

Fortune vs Fort Tuna Press

Another good fortune in my fortune cookie: "you will forever have to volunteer at a Greyhound rescue shelter"

Hypochondriac Rides the Bus Press

Breaking News, Infighting Among the Republicans:

Romney promises to continue with healthcare reform: all organ donations will now be transferred by blimp and/or slingshot. Dick Cheney, who is actually still alive, says it's better to toss organs in air & shoot with rifle. Paul Ryan "accidentally" tries Bath Salts & eats face off of Romney's dressage horse Rafalca.


Paul Ryan’s plan would raise taxes on the middle class and cut taxes for the wealthy Ryan’s extreme budget plan would benefit the wealthy while raising taxes on middle-class families, slowing our economic recovery and hurting seniors and the middle class.

Deep tax giveaways for the wealthy:
Paul Ryan’s extreme budget includes a tax “reform” plan that would make the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy permanent, and give millionaires an additional tax cut worth over $250,000 a year. Paying for these tax cuts for the most fortunate families would require higher taxes on the middle class, gutting investments in our future, and ending Medicare as we know it.

Raise taxes on the middle class:
Just like Mitt Romney’s tax plan, middle-class families could pay thousands of dollars more a year in taxes to help fund tax cuts for millionaires. Ryan would cut or eliminate middle-class tax deductions like mortgage interest, charitable contributions, and health premiums.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Classic Plastic Press

Watched Comedians of Comedy last night. Is there a comedian who just re-tells The Classics in a really funny way? Do you like the vagueness of "a really funny way"? Like, one book per show. I might start with Great Expectations.

Does that even count as a "classic"?

Oh sh*t, I would totally start with Moby Dick.

My new nonfiction manuscript is going to be about my experience re-typing Kafka's The Trial in Comic Sans font.


I'm going to tell you about my breakfasts this week:
bowl of: greek plain yogurt, ground chia berries, fresh cherries, sliced banana, cashews.


Oh, you should either live in MA or move to MA so you can do this:

at Flying Object
42 West Street, Hadley, MA 01035


Flying Object is pleased to offer a poetry workshop this fall: an 8-week poetry workshop with Emily Pettit. The workshop will meet on Monday evenings from 5:30-7:30 pm at Flying Object beginning on October 1st. Tuition is $150. Please email with questions Emily Pettit at—

I would like to tell you Everything. - Maira Kalman

In this workshop we will get curious. Writing, reading and discussing poems will be our means of propulsion. We hope for this workshop to be generative and reflective and offer many new perspectives to us each in relation your work and the work of other poets who’ll inspire us as we look around. Engagement with your work and outstanding contemporary poems and poets will help us to explore how an interest in poetry can be pursued in the larger context of one's life. Poetry will get us curious.

I hope for this workshop to use the unique space that is Flying Object to help inform our ideas, our writing, our reading. It is a laboratory and library.

If you are interested, please send an email explaining why you would like to join the class, along with a little information about yourself and a writing sample of 4-10 pages of poems to—

Emily Pettit is the author of Goat in the Snow and two chapbooks: How and What Happened to Limbo. She is an editor for notnostrums and Factory Hollow Press, as well as the publisher of jubilat. She teaches at Flying Object and Elms College. She received her M.F.A. from the University of Iowa.


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Physically Press

Some travel photos, sans faces:

This is the aftermath of a mystery dinner party:

Best gnocchi I've ever had, on a beach in Sorento:

The views the views!
Scaffolding on a palm tree:

When I arrived in Philly, this was the meal that was made for me. Thanks JPH.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Airport Press

You should spell KNOW as KNO' from now on. Okay? It's just, you kno', the cool thing to do.


Oh my family is so sweet, things they gave me this morning as day-early birthday presents:

1. Bose cord: I have small Bose speakers for my laptop & haven't been able to use them, ever, because of this particular lost cord.

2. a Nano: because as soon as I generous person gave me his extra earbuds, I lost my nano.

3. A check to buy a bicycle wheel: because someone stole my back tire in May & apparently I've been paralyzed with sadness & brokeness & haven't replaced it yet.

These three things will make my life so much more fun (more mobile AND more musical)! I didn't expect anything other than the lovely coincidence that we were all in DC for my birthday weekend & then all this happened at breakfast.


Wait 'til you get to the 2 minute mark:

Sunday, September 2, 2012

I. Kid. You. Press

You might love this song:


Gunna write my own mumblecore screenplay. It starts with this, imagine two friends lying in bed, sweating in wifebeaters in some janky hotel en route (via car) to an old, mutual friend's wedding:

Charlie: I got into an argument about the Kinks yesterday.
Josephine: About what? you love the Kinks.
Charlie: I do.
Josephine: So what was the argument?
Charlie: That they are awesome.
Josephine:...and someone disagreed I assume.
Charlie: Yeah they started talking about the Eagles and I knew we would never agree.
Josephine: So you punched him/her in the face right? That's how I "win" arguments. These days.
Charlie: I said "fucking die" and ran out. Crying.
Josephine: Coward, FALSTAFF. Come back, Falstaff, come back.
Charlie: I'm gonna go throw up. So you like me.
Josephine: That is exactly what will make me like you. That and joining my band Awkawarda. So stop running away crying. Pony up, and puke. Pick up an instrument. I'm going to go brush my teeth. Also, I'm stealing honey. From this hotel.
Charlie: Is that a euphemism for wanking?
Josephine: Hotel honey stealing. Girls dont wank, Charlie. They "rub one out."
Charlie: Play dj on the flesh record.
Josephine: Playin' the DJ Tanner? "Flesh record" is NOT an ok image. I feel my brain collapsing into a burning hammock.
Charlie: You're finished.
Josephine: This time I'm really going to brush my teeth. Stealing honey in the morning is the plan.



Okay never mind. Isn't the problem with mumblecore that the dialogue is inane so even though they're character studies, it's hard to care about the characters? So the dialogue should incorporate Derrida and Kristeva. And honey. And childhood stories about building igloos & being stung by bees. And favorite hiding places. This will all happen when Josephine comes out of the bathroom.

Or this will never happen because I kid you. Once I get back to Denver (after exactly a month of traveling) I will not be like this, I promise. I think you know what I mean by "this." The dark place where writing fake mumblecore dialogue at 2am comes from.

Peach Poisoned Press

Ok, from now on you must say, "What's up, Falstaff?"

That's just the new thing. You must address everyone as the semi-obscure & unimportant recurrent character in 3 of Shakespeare's plays. Deal with it.


I love my cousin Anna because she attempted to try all 4 kinds of cake at the wedding tonight. I love my cousin Zoe because she slowdanced with me.


Today I head back to Denver. Photos of the last month to come, very soon. Buckle up, Falstaff.

Gunna start a band called Awkawarda. Anyone want to join?


Fruit Vs. Fruit Press

Nothing like a good morning gchat conversation about what a "healthy vagina" can do, to start the day (and then cut&pasting an excerpt from it into your blog...):

me: question: "my vagina makes the best smoothies" funny or creepy?
Oren: i could see a situation where the initial response is laughter
but the proper one should be fear
so with the option
i choose OR
me: it was a trick question
good choice


There are so many dudes out there who identify as a type of nerd: beer-nerd, bike-nerd, etc. I'm waiting for the man who identifies as a "vulva-nerd."

Am I?


"You will not stop screaming until you have a taco" would be the best fortune cookie message ever.

Just a thought.


I think I'm going to go outside and play some soccer right now. You think I'm joking but I'm not. You guys, I'm not joking all the time. Okay? I can mean things. Meaning and shin-guards are not mutually exclusive.


I didn't get much sleep last night. Tomorrow I return to Denver. Could not be more excited.

The Pinky Switch Press

1. The hairdryer in my hotel bathroom has a tag that says, "warn children of the risk of death." In general? Um, Okay....

2. Discloser: I have a plum & a nectarine sitting on the nightstand.

3. From now on, when you ask someone how they're doing, you HAVE to say, "How's life in the fast lane?" just to see how they handle it.

4. Thank you John Stewart:

5. I know I haven't had a TV in 3.5 years but is this what ads are really like now? This is the cat treat ad the hotel just showed me:

Oh man, it's September 1st which means that new seasons of 30 rock, parks & rec, and, um, Vampire Diaries are available on netflix. Hello, netflix. But not really, because I don't think this semester I have time to watch schedule is a little daunting right now but I'm trying to remain calm: TA-ing two literature courses, working in the J&W writing center, working for the Denver Quarterly, and then applying for academic jobs for next fall.

6. In the meantime, I will admit to something that I should probably keep a secret. I love Vera Wang. This (wedding) dress rocks the leaves off all the branches, it rocks the clouds out of the clouds:
I hope my cousin's fiance wears it at her wedding this evening. Doubtful.

I feel like I've just shamed myself. To redeem myself I'll cook you a broccoli raab sandwich. I'll catch some clouds & stash them into your pillowcase. Eh, eh?

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Two Cupcakes Later Press

Tonight was the wedding toast night. Now I'm retreating from my (lovely) family & doing too many things at once such as 1) watching bad hotel TV (Back to the Future is on, so...), 2) discussing current song obsessions with JK, and 3) re-reading Borges short stories. This is one of my favorites:


In my childhood I was a fervent worshiper of the tiger—not the jaguar, that spotted "tiger"* that inhabits the floating islands of water hyacinths along the ParanĂ¡and the tangled wilderness of the Amazon, but the true tiger, the striped Asian breed that can be faced only by men of war, in a castle atop an elephant. I would stand for hours on end before one of the cages at the zoo; I would rank vast encyclopedias and natural history books by the splendor of their tigers. (I still remember those pictures, I who cannot recall without error a woman’s brow or smile.) My childhood outgrown, the tigers and my passion for them faded, but they are still in my dreams. In that underground sea or chaos, they still endure. As I sleep I am drawn into some dream or other, and suddenly I realize that it’s a dream. At those moments, I often think: This is a dream, a pure diversion of my will, and since I have unlimited power, I am going to bring forth a tiger.
Oh, incompetence! My dreams never seen to engender the creature I so hunger for. The tiger does appear, but it is all dried up, or it’s flimsy-looking, or it has impure vagaries of shape or an unacceptable size, or it’s altogether too ephemeral, or it looks more like a dog or bird than like a tiger.


Who wants to buy me this?!!:


Bad news guys, I just discovered that I can buy nautical compasses on ebay. I.e. I'm looking at ebay for the first time ever.