Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Vanishing The Vanish The Van The Press

I shouldn't have done a Best Texts of August round-up before the month was over because friends, you are funny, & here are 3 more:

1. "I'm the most Amish non-Amish person at this produce auction. Also a sign says, 'Bathrooms are coming soon please be patient.'"
2. Watching Gossip Girl. You should come back soon before I completely crack."
3. 1/3 LARPers, 1/3 people from Guam, 1/2 a bunch of seriously kind goony super-dorks. My cousins wedding was today. That's the guest breakdown."


Also, my mom emailed me about my cousin's wedding this weekend and wrote:

there's an outdoor heated pool-- want to bring bathsuits and I have an extra set of goggles

I love "I have an extra set of goggles." I don't need to explain why that's funny, right?

I'm totally going to take BOTH her sets of goggles.


Also, this is pretty good:

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