Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Spook It Up Press

My friend & awesome musician Alexis Gideon has updated his website, check it check it:


I'm in RI visiting my grandma, Spook. Tonight we discussed Paul Ryan & how we have to believe Obama has a real chance at re-election. I love my grandma. Although she made me eat desert & now I feel so full.


Since I'm chillin' at this old age home w/ wifi I looked at hulu.com for the first time in a year & am baffled by some of the tv show names: Bunheads? I'm Having Their Baby? I Hate My Kitchen? And one show I'd totally watch in a parallel universe: Beverly Hills Nannies.


There are so many things up in the air I feel weirdly good about!

Although the one thing I do not feel good about at all is how soon the new academic job postings go up. I thought I had more time! September is going to be consumed.

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