Thursday, August 16, 2012

Morals vs. Morsels Press

I'm on a bus heading to NYC. Some things I'm thinking about:

I love that my mom writes emails like poems: her subject headings blend right into the first sentence of each note. Does she know that's so postmodern? Does she?


Think I might go to a UCB show tonight with XG & EH. My bags are getting heavier & heavier & now I'm afraid to get off the bus & lug them to freakin' Williamsburg. Freakin'.


Are you talkin' 'bout your fall syllabus?

Stop it.

I mean, don't stop. Do what you gotta do.


Because I read the two New Yorkers I brought with me & have not been reading the academic books I packed, I bought ELLE. Which basically makes me want to own things I never ever wanted before. And because now I want to own things, I also want a job that actually pays me money. My values are slowly slipping away the longer I stay away from Denver.

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