Friday, August 10, 2012

Hey Monkey, Why You Always In The Middle Press

I'm leaving Italy in a few hours. So, a few most memorable moments (I'm writing this in a rush since I still need to pack, so apologies for cutting & pasting 1 of these from a personal email):

1. This whole week people have been playing "monkey in the middle" with ripe lemons that have fallen off of the orchard around the pool. I thought, honestly, they were being silly & loud. Then, I got roped into playing this afternoon while trying to swim laps. And for about 2 hours played MITM like a 5 year old. Did you know a good strategy is distracting the lemon-thrower with ridiculous dance moves & animal-behavior-imitations? Neither did I, but it works. Plus, you get to call your friends "monkey."

2. Driving on the Amalfi coast. I've never before been in a car when everyone suddenly screams together. Apparently this can happen when you're zooming around a tight curve & a giant bus tries to knock you into the ocean. Such winding roads, sharp cliffs, expansive sea.

3. I went into a lemon orchard by myself & for about three consecutive breaths the air had the scent of the ripest lemon mixed with the scent of all the fallen, decomposing lemons that scattered the ground. It was so sweet & earthy. I didn't want to move & lose the scent but it faded anyways.

4. Trying buffalo yogurt. Then eating buffalo yogurt every day for breakfast with fresh fruit.

5. Hanging my laundry out to dry on the roof.

6. Descending INSIDE a dark cliff in order to find the ocean hundreds of feet below, then emerging to waves & breezes.

I feel incredibly blessed. Photos to come. See you stateside.

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