Friday, August 3, 2012

Heel Toe Heel Toe Press

I went to help JD pick out shoes for a wedding & ended up getting the craziest heels I've ever slipped on my feet. JD took 2 photos, you can see them below but also, JD's blog is awesome so you should read it:
Can you believe? How do I walk in them? So far, I can only stand. I need to learn how to appear places without having to walk so that I can wear these.

I'm flying to Italy today. My flights got kinda wonky so instead of meeting up with people, I have to find my own way from Rome to a few train rides outside of Naples. I'm a little worried because I only speak English & delinquent Spanish, so. But I'm hoping if I point at a piece of paper with train routes & smile, people will take mercy on me. I'm going to spend the flight practicing my smile. Right now it's a snarl.

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