Friday, August 31, 2012

For Realsies Press

You can watch Elizabeth Willis read poems here from Address:
Your life will be better if you do. That's all I'm sayin'.


New issue of DIAGRAM just popped out of your mamma. Check it here:
With rockers such as: [Ann Beman] [Steven Matthew Brown] [Allison Carter] [Joel Chace] [Jessica Chrastil] [J. J. Cromer] [Alex Crowley] [Dennis Etzel Jr.] [Kit Frick] [Tyler Gobble] [Julia Guez] [Carolyn Hembree] [Gina Keicher] [Mike Lala] [David Dodd Lee] [Thomas Macfie] [Sally Wen Mao] [Alexandra Mattraw] [Ben Purkert] [Sternus Vulgaris] [G. C. Waldrep] [Joshua Ware] [Jon Wilkins] [Wendy Xu]

Dig in.


I'm in a fancy hotel in DC. I always have to shift the cold AC air in any hotel room by like 8 degrees, which I did promptly when I got here (from 68 to 76). Brrr. Tomorrow I might drive my grandma around to look at monuments before we go to the pre-wedding BBQ. Tonight was the Korean Tea Ceremony. It was beautiful & involved tea; breaking a gourd; loving toasts; throwing chestnuts & dates & the bride & groom catching them. And someone from Provi's mom's Korean church handmade rice wine for everyone there. Amazing. My cousin gets married on Sunday!

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