Friday, August 31, 2012

Doth Two Bucks Pass in the Night Press

"I believe in exploration. I am not particularly interested in analyzing the limitations of exploration, as I believe doing so works more towards impeding discovery than engaging with it." --Emily Pettit

Check out her interview with the awesome Bianca Stone at Her Kind.


I'm on a bus to DC. Get me off this goddamn bus, please.


Did you burn the branch with your winding eye? On the island we hear 120 train cars shuffling coal over the dark bridge. On the island we're surrounded by night-milk & straw hats. I have faith in the mystery. Mystery only exists without god. To vanish into the investigation. Carry the raft. Crouch below the web. Oars pull the algae back to the wrists. If the current keeps us. Library of brambles, sleep not soon.

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