Thursday, August 2, 2012

Diagram Your Face with Violets Press

Tomorrow I head to Italy for a week, & then I'm going to eff up the east coast in this order: MA, RI, NY, PA, DC. Get ready. And by "get ready" I mean you can't prepare for this, but I suggest you think about: giving a cloud a fauxhawk, poems that curdle in the blood of vikings, & sugar cubes. Now think about those 3 things in a boxing ring. Now dip them in gold. Now that's what's gunna happen.

It's 11:15pm & need to pack. Basically I'm packing for a month & am narrowing it down to: 1) sundresses, 2) sandals, 3) books on Objectivist Poets, 4) back issues of the New Yorker I'm behind on reading, 5) my computer, 6) moisturizer , 7) camera.

Okay, I need to fill a suitcase. Sleep well. Dukes up.

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