Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What Does The Pot Call The Kettle When The Kettle Is An Orange in Mid-Flight From The Tree Press

Today I scoured my place in preparation for my brother's visit. Which means I officially had to acknowledge that my basil, mint, and dill had died on my bathroom windowsill. So I threw them out and am hoping that someone miraculously shows up with 3 succulent plants that can weather my death-thumb. Just for the record, though, all my other plants are doing supremely well. That might be the first time in my life I've used the word "supremely." That word should come with one giant, human-sized french fry. Anyways, I will take some photographic evidence so you don't think I'm plant-negligent.

I love it when people sit in the grass and the grass leaves impressions on their skin. You get to take a little bit of the park home with you, momentarily.


I've been reading the new issue of jubilat. To entice you, one line by Natalie Lyalin: "Blood makes me faint but I still go for it." Buy the issue. Also, please start referring to jubilat as The Jubes.


My friend and his company were flown to Jamaica to make the new Beenie Man music video. I cannot tell you it's tasteful. I cannot tell you to share this with your children:

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