Friday, July 6, 2012

Post-Genitals Press

I want to explain this photo to you. A friend who shall remain anonymous sent me this photo from his FREEZER. What you're looking at is:

1) An upside down wine glass
2) that's holding a giant dead cockroach
3) that's on top of GUN WORLD magazine:

What I love about this photo is the glee that went into creating it.

Ok, eff anonymity, here is the conversation that precipitated the photo:
Adam: on another note
i have a habit of catching cockroaches and putting them in my freezer
it's an on-going experiment
me: WHAT?
Adam: yeah
me: WHY
Adam: when i find them in my apartment.. i capture them
me: how is that an experiment
Adam: they come in because i live on the bottom floor
i wanted to see if they can survive the cold!
ive always heard they can survive nuclear winters
also, i dont like squishing them
this seems better
sometimes i bring them outside
but other times... the freezer
me: and i assume they do NOT survive?
Adam: eah... none yet
me: if two do, you can breed them together and produce MEGACOCKROACHES
Adam: barf
so have you drawn and mermaid genitals yet?
me: nope

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