Sunday, July 8, 2012

Listless Lisp Press

I'm at the DIA airport, awaiting a plane circuitously heading to Mexico. Things to be excited about: spending time with my parents & exploring their new house (what fruits are growing & did they *really* finally paint the walls?) & meeting up with the infamous Lily Brown at the Leon airport & wandering around San Miguel & browsing the various markets & sampling churros & seeing excavated ruins & eating food & swimming in the solar heated pool & reading by that pool & counting hummingbirds & admiring succulents.

Yesterday was elastic. Somehow it started with diner breakfast, segued into helping SB figure out how to register for baby stuffs, a walk through the park, cleaning the apartment, watching 2 episodes of Nurse Jackie, packing for Mexicoagulum, discussing the personal necessity for creativity at Benny's with JD & JL, & ending up at Voodoo Comedy Playhouse for an improv show.

Creativity is survival.

I will send you all postcards. I will send you all lavender & antimatter. I will send you a splintered telephone. I will send you leaf-nosed bats. I will send you blamable cufflinks. I will send you cucumber moons. The infinite stretch of a black hole.

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