Monday, July 30, 2012


Sometimes instead of conjuring the flower’s design I see its name instead in white reflective letters, because of all the signs in Denver that say Dahlia Street, Magnolia Street, etc.

At the end of each month I’m going to post my favorite text messages I’ve received:

1. “I want to smash my car into a pyramid of teddy bears.”
2. “I just watched two dudes tow an old sink from the ocean.”
3. “I took a homeless man to my 8th grade dance.”

Thanks, friends. What happened today? I watched the deleted scenes from Wet Hot American Summer with my brother (we didn’t watch the movie), ate the fluffiest biscuit ever at Lucille’s for brunch, drove my brother to the airport (sad!), and worked on my dissertation. Now I’m staring at the destruction that is my apartment from a weekend of company/guests and procrastinating by reading Frank O’Hara. Here is a poem I loved of his when I first read it in 2003 when I was a wee undergrad:


They say I mope too much
but really I’m loudly dancing.
I eat paper. It’s good for my bones.
I play the piano pedal. I dance,
I am never quiet, I mean silent.
Some day I’ll love Frank O’Hara.
I think I’ll be alone for a little while.

That second-to-last line should destroy you. Here are some other O’Hara lines I like:

“I am the light mist / in which a face appears”

“I first recognize art as wildness”

“silent, listening / to the air becoming no air becoming air again”

“to become a way of feeling
that is not painful casual or diffuse
and seems to explore some peculiar insight
of the heavens for its favorite bodies
in the mixed-up air”

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hater Press

I hate the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I just want to tell you. I have always hated them.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What Does The Pot Call The Kettle When The Kettle Is An Orange in Mid-Flight From The Tree Press

Today I scoured my place in preparation for my brother's visit. Which means I officially had to acknowledge that my basil, mint, and dill had died on my bathroom windowsill. So I threw them out and am hoping that someone miraculously shows up with 3 succulent plants that can weather my death-thumb. Just for the record, though, all my other plants are doing supremely well. That might be the first time in my life I've used the word "supremely." That word should come with one giant, human-sized french fry. Anyways, I will take some photographic evidence so you don't think I'm plant-negligent.

I love it when people sit in the grass and the grass leaves impressions on their skin. You get to take a little bit of the park home with you, momentarily.


I've been reading the new issue of jubilat. To entice you, one line by Natalie Lyalin: "Blood makes me faint but I still go for it." Buy the issue. Also, please start referring to jubilat as The Jubes.


My friend and his company were flown to Jamaica to make the new Beenie Man music video. I cannot tell you it's tasteful. I cannot tell you to share this with your children:

Thursday, July 19, 2012


My brother's coming to visit next week. This was our early morning gchat conversation:

Adam: OKAY pto request is in
should be approved
me: cool. what does pto mean? just a day off?
payed time off?
Adam: payed time off yeah
it's a good TLA
unlike my favorite FLA - NIMBY
me: what is that?
Adam: not in my back yard!!
soviet missiles in cuba? NIMBY!
me: so patriotic
Adam: oooohh i'm 50 years late on that one
Not In My Time Machine
Adam: oOoOo


I think we're going to go for a motorcycle ride in the mountains on his PTO.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Wings Were Invented Twice Press

Wandered through some junk/treasure yards today.

So, where to do you stash your Remington?

You could put it on one of these desks...

Also, it's been rainy here for large chunks of each day & I came underprepared for the weather, so my mom lent me her sweater from the 70s:

Bougainvillea Are Life Rafts for the Pooled Bees

My review of Carmen Gimenez Smith's new book, The City She Was, is up at Jacket2. Hope you read it, it's called "The Poetics of Patience & Mutiny" & then buy her book:

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Don't Order the Italian Tacos Press

A friend sent me this, which made me smile, all the way from Mexico:

Land near my parent's home:
This is actually supposed to be a pond but it's all dried out & grassy:
Nothing says I love you like vandalizing a cactus:
Goats on a cliff:
Today I ate 3 different tacos at a market, one with cacti, one with chickpeas & spices, & one with potatoes.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Bewitching Cliffs Press

Well, this is what I've been watching on youtube today:


and (performance by 21 hearing impaired boys and girls):

Monday, July 9, 2012

Mexicoaxing Press

Next trip, you all should join. Some photos from this evening:
My dad
Um, my leaf-face

Mexicomic Press

I'm in Mexicola. There are an endless amount of words to string onto Mexico. Here are some options:
Mexicocktail (drinking here)
Mexicocoon (feeling coddled in Mexico)
Mexicoffin (dying in Mexico)
Mexicoitus (so, sex in Mexico)

I'm going to walk to town w LB in a sec & eat some lunch. At some point, I need to read about the Objectivist poets, but maybe this afternoon. I just googled "postmodern summer dress" & nothing came up.


Happy Birthday Guy Pettit. I think it is your birthday today.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Listless Lisp Press

I'm at the DIA airport, awaiting a plane circuitously heading to Mexico. Things to be excited about: spending time with my parents & exploring their new house (what fruits are growing & did they *really* finally paint the walls?) & meeting up with the infamous Lily Brown at the Leon airport & wandering around San Miguel & browsing the various markets & sampling churros & seeing excavated ruins & eating food & swimming in the solar heated pool & reading by that pool & counting hummingbirds & admiring succulents.

Yesterday was elastic. Somehow it started with diner breakfast, segued into helping SB figure out how to register for baby stuffs, a walk through the park, cleaning the apartment, watching 2 episodes of Nurse Jackie, packing for Mexicoagulum, discussing the personal necessity for creativity at Benny's with JD & JL, & ending up at Voodoo Comedy Playhouse for an improv show.

Creativity is survival.

I will send you all postcards. I will send you all lavender & antimatter. I will send you a splintered telephone. I will send you leaf-nosed bats. I will send you blamable cufflinks. I will send you cucumber moons. The infinite stretch of a black hole.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Post-Genitals Press

I want to explain this photo to you. A friend who shall remain anonymous sent me this photo from his FREEZER. What you're looking at is:

1) An upside down wine glass
2) that's holding a giant dead cockroach
3) that's on top of GUN WORLD magazine:

What I love about this photo is the glee that went into creating it.

Ok, eff anonymity, here is the conversation that precipitated the photo:
Adam: on another note
i have a habit of catching cockroaches and putting them in my freezer
it's an on-going experiment
me: WHAT?
Adam: yeah
me: WHY
Adam: when i find them in my apartment.. i capture them
me: how is that an experiment
Adam: they come in because i live on the bottom floor
i wanted to see if they can survive the cold!
ive always heard they can survive nuclear winters
also, i dont like squishing them
this seems better
sometimes i bring them outside
but other times... the freezer
me: and i assume they do NOT survive?
Adam: eah... none yet
me: if two do, you can breed them together and produce MEGACOCKROACHES
Adam: barf
so have you drawn and mermaid genitals yet?
me: nope

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Cliff Diving Press

Beasts of the Southern Wild just got a bitchin' review in Rolling Stone: Court 13, you are unstoppable. I'm going to be in Mexico when the movie releases in Denver, but will plan a film-date party for like July 20th when I'm back in town.


Today I'm in the office, trying to fold together the new issue of the Denver Quarterly. SS's dog is sitting on my lap, napping while I wrangle poetry, fiction, and reviews.


My brother's coming to visit the last weekend of July. He's threatening to rent a motorcycle & drive through the mountains. He can rock the motorcycle, I'm just afraid I'll freak out & lean the wrong way & then we'll go careening off a cliff. (Hi Mom & Dad, don't worry, I will only ever lean the correct way.)


My friend JPH put this Cath Bloom song, "It's So Hard," on a mix for me, & I was listening to it for the first time this morning, & actually cried. I think this might be the song that undoes the world:

WTF?!!!! I'm not someone who has a tendency to tears, but that Nelly Sachs poem I read in June & now this song are both destroyers.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Paparazzi at Papa Johns Press


The new issue of DIAGRAM is up, it's allz fictionz: Brown, Craig Foltz, Innovative Fiction Contest winner Aram Kim, Catherine Lacey, Kan Long, √Čireann Lorsung, Maya Sonenberg, and Hillary Stevens.

Deal with it.


I'm going to write an essay called "Phones of My Youth" & it's going to be incredibly boring. This would be the author photo:

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Soda Pusher Press

This article in the NYT depressed me: Soda Makers Begin Their Push Against New York Ban

Read it here:

If you live in NYC, please rough up those pro-soda canvassers!

Take That Take That Take That Press

This week I've been listening to Black to Comm and Forest Swords. Because their albums are energetic yet langorous & plus I can work while listening to them.

Yesterday I sat by a pool with friends in the slightly overcast but warm evening. Watching a few lone people swirl around in the chlorine. That's what jean cut-offs are made for, yo.

I've been a bit of a slacker in terms of showing up at reading events this last month, but tonight I'm going to this, for sure:

@ Counterpath, 8pm
613 22nd St., Denver, Colorado 80205

Bruce Covey & Kim Gek Lin Short are on tour to celebrate their new books! They're stopping in Denver to read with Joshua Ware & Danielle Vogel.

Bruce Covey's fifth book of poetry, Reveal: All Shape...s & Sizes, was published in the spring of 2012 by Bitter Cherry Books. Covey lives in Atlanta, Georgia, where he edits Coconut Poetry and curates the What's New in Poetry reading series.

Kim Gek Lin Short is the author of the lyric novels The Bugging Watch & Other Exhibits and China Cowboy, both from Tarpaulin Sky Press. Her story in prose poems, Run (Rope-a-Dope), was selected for the 2010 Golden Gloves, and her debut hybrid collection, The Residents, was published by Chicago's dancing girl press. Kim lives with her family in Philadelphia where she co-curates (with Debrah Morkun) the reading series, GENERAL IDEA, and is an editor at Coconut.

Joshua Ware is the author of Homage to Homage to Homage to Creeley (Furniture Press Books, 2011) and a half dozen chapbooks, three of which will be released this year: Imaginary Portraits (Greying Ghost Press); How We Remake the World (Slope Editions), co-written with Trey Moody; and SDVIG (alice blue books), co-written with Natasha Kessler. Forthcoming work will soon appear in Conduit, Crazyhorse, Gulf Coast, Jellyfish, and Typo.

Danielle Vogel is the author of lit and Narrative & Nest. Her writing has most recently appeared in The Denver Quarterly, Puerto del Sol, Tarpaulin Sky, and Trickhouse. Her textile scroll-works and ceramic book artifacts, which explore the ceremonial gestation of a manuscript as it is written, have been exhibited in galleries across the country. She is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Denver where she is investigating divinatory poetics, nest architectures, and somatic therapies in relation to syntactical structures.