Monday, June 4, 2012

Slow Dance Press

One final paper to grade & then tennis tonight with SL. I think I need to go the supermarket & actually cook something for dinner. Like, make potato salad? Or, I don't know. Suggestions? This week starts slow & ends hard: Thursday my bff BZ is in town for a single night & we're going to the screening of his movie Beasts of the Southern Wild & then destroying his fancy hotel afterwards with friends. Minibar, watch out. Pillows, you will be ripped to shreds as I crack you over my friends' heads. Then Friday an improv show. I think I'm cooking for a friend on Saturday. I also have to start reading my stack of books that have been accruing on my nightstand to write reviews. But I'm looking forward to that-- this last quarter has been mainly reading theory/philosophy, so actually picking up a book of poems seems amazing.


Bands this week I've obsessively been listening to:
Shovels & Rope
Flying Lotus

Baths is becoming my new Album to Play While Getting Dressed In The Morning In Order To Face The Day.

I think I'm going to try and force myself to write something creative every day. Here is today:

The Ache Poem

The sexual darkness is not different
than any other darkness. Glowing
limbs, rustling & droplets, the hive’s
motor. My computer tells me I’ve played
a particular song 97 times. Today
I accidently dressed like a sailor.
Today my heart’s a spigot. We can’t
turn off anything, really. Music is
a root system, clasps & we are shaken.
By I don’t know what— a slow dance,
a leaf sinking in a pool, as car engines
shred illegible darkness, the lost coast.
What does breaching 100 mean.
I block the sun? Then the poem
shakes it free.

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