Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Sea The Sea Press

I just bought a new conditioner that seems to be made out of tomatoes. Which was why I had to buy it. That & the fact that I was out of conditioner & don't know anything about hair products.

What else? Graded more papers today, almost done. Gunna re-learn how to play shuffleboard tonight.

My dog was acting sad & maladjusted last night. So then I wrote a poem:

The Ache Poem

We think the sea is invulnerable & we are
wrong. I watch water evaporate from
the vase. I watch your face as it turns to water.
Cars are louder than I am. Above the street I am
staring at two green shelves leaning against my wall.
Like a sailor, I whittled my heart into an arrow & threw
it in the sea. The sea is a sink, a ceramic duck,
your stack of paper plates saved for picnics.
Our dog whines & I don’t know why. I’ve failed
in someway that has yet to be revealed.
Replace my heart with a lightbulb, a bleacher.
Nothing fits. I replace my heart with your
face. Scallops hold my hand, lead me to
that wet, grey scale. From the raft, I will
the shelves onto the wall. I will your face to
look up at me, from inside my chest.
Have I failed the sea. Refill the vase.

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