Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pool Party Press

What, this morning has been a buzz with conversations from people not in Denver. Hello, friends. Nice pants, all of you.

Things contemplated:
Is dreamgasm a word?
Is sungasm a word?
Can anyone pull off wearing vintage lace bloomers/pantaloons in the summer? Can you?
Should we all change our names to The Norseman?

Also, best advice I've gotten all month, from the lovely poet Lisa Ciccarello: "feel feelings till you don't feel them."

Going to a pool party later, genuinely excited about that.

Found this photo on etsy, so someone can, kinda...I think they're too long:

Also, I think if you're gunna wear them then they must be accompanied by a wife beater or something to make it less precious.

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Carla said...

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