Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Lightning's Gone Apple Bobbing Press

The lightning was rather terrifying last night. I watched it at SS's house for hours before realizing that it wasn't going to stop & at 11:30pm, headed home. Slightly afraid the metal tip of the borrowed umbrella might bring my demise.

last night I also went out to dinner with JD's family & a few friends for her pre-phd-graduation festivities, then to Sweet Action, where I got to watch a row of 5 little kids smearing ice-cream all over their faces. Ice-cream & grass stains-- they belong to kids.

On the bus to the DQ office I read Fen Sun Chen's Butcher's Tree. That book is effing good. I need to read it a few more times & then try to write a review.


The Ache Poem

The split hairs of lightning, you
know how it goes: a peek, a point
of view, you fall over. Dust the lungs
for a release of lanterns. A centrifugal baby
or banshee in a shopping cart. Somehow
we’re here to open up. Between library pencils
& a cabin of flush cosmos. Summer screens
grate the rain. Nice bicycle-boat. I want to
avoid something like the allure of that
golf course green, then the toxic ticking sprinklers.
I’ll greet you with a smoking umbrella, wishful.
Open. I skim regret from the lake, fling it
through the tire swing so nothing stains.
My dress is soaked, like your handlebars are
meant to hold me up
against all the falling apple heirs.

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