Friday, June 22, 2012

Faygo Press

I've been listening to Anthony Braxton all day. And been trying to work, but entirely distracted by my new favorite website: Juggalos on OKCupid.

Some of my favorite "self summaries" are:

Get out da faygo if ur in da family

I am violent, beautiful, and a juggalette

ive been down since 1998

whoop whoop! whats crackin my ninjas? Skulls BITCHES….
i’m the wildest lette u ever met. i know u want to so just hit me up! i’m down for whateva.


Hot Topic would be a kickass store if it wasn’t so damn shady and had clothes that mainly fit raver chicks. 

and then in the "You should message me if" category:

If you a freak and live near

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