Thursday, June 21, 2012

Complete Blood Press

Hello there. I have an agenda. Did you ever think how an anagram for "agenda" is "DNA Age"? Ok, stop thinking about it because it's stupid. So, the agenda:

1) I want to tell you the jeweler & awesome poet Paige Taggart has a new website & a sale going on right now so you should check it out:
I want the "dutch cargo ship" necklace. What do you want?

2) I was sent a disposable camera from Flying Object. And due to their magic, the photos are posted here:

3) JP & I are going to open a food cart that sells italian-style tacos. Well, no we're not.

4) If you're in NY tonight, please go see Beasts of the Southern Wild at BAM, 7pm, & the director, my bff Benh, will do a Q&A.

5) Cindy King was here for a brief visit & now she's flown to LA. How did we let her leave? You can see her cute self here:

6) It's hard not to be a coward. But we should try.

7) New Denver low, finding these dentures on the sidewalk:

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