Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bloody Grove Press

I’ve been trying to listen to all the music on my computer. Which is 15.8 days worth of music. Then, once I listen to it, I will allow myself to go to the library & check out CDs. Right now I’m listening to Flying Lotus & what makes me most happy, besides their song “Nose Art” is that they have a song titled “German Haircut.” I decided Vetiver is kinda p*ssy. I like Big Blood more every time I listen to Big Blood + The Grove.

Now I’m listening to Ducktails & working on my dissertation. For the last month, I’ve been sort of stuck, editing one particular piece called, “A Year to the Day: A Love Supreme,” loosely about Coltrane & tightly about much more personal stuff. But I hadn’t been writing anything to fill the gaps in the manuscript I know are there. This morning I think I made an inroad into a new lyric essay, tentatively called “A Book Is Not an Ark.” We’ll see, I have a long ways to go on this one. But I feel relieved, now I have a direction to work through/toward.

Happy Birthday Renee Gladman. I love your first book, Juice, so much. Now I need to go read everything else you've ever written!

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