Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Waterbottle & Whiskey Press

Some things:
1. This one plant on my windowsill looks like it’s from Seuss’ The Lorax, which makes me happy when I wake up in the morning & see it’s crazy head of hair/leaves.

2. I have to purchase laundry detergent & stamps today. I wrote postcards early last week that I haven’t yet sent out. Sorry EP & LC! But for whatever reason, I hate buying stamps & detergent. Maybe because I only like buying Ron Paul yard signs. Wait, that can’t be it. I should train my dog to attack those signs.

3. I went on a night walk/hike last night with RE & D’Count & returned home at 2am. I forget the name of the trail, something like Laughing Coyote (Hysterical Hyena?), near Morrison. The stars were fierce & I do love seeing the darkened silhouettes of rock formations & trees. In the blackness of the sandy trail, D’Count was a scampering ghost.

4. This was a quote I liked from reading this morning:

"How does one think of non-foundational and yet non-arbitrary relation between ethics and politics, or between friendship and democracy?...Politics, then, or the articulation of democracy to come, is the task of political invention in relation to the other's decision in me. Non-foundationally, but non-arbitrarily. But how does one do this exactly? Perhaps in the following way: each decision is necessarily different, each time I decide I have to invent a new rule, a new norm, which must be absolutely singular in relation to the other's infinite demand made on me and the finite context within which this demand arises...So, the political decision is made ex nihilo, and is not deduced or read off procedurally from a pre-given conception of justice or the moral law, as in Habermas, say, and yet it is not arbitrary. It is the demand provoked by the other's decision in me that calls forth political invention, that provokes me into inventing a norm and taking a decision. The singularity of the context in which the demand arises provokes an act of invention whose criterion is universal."

Yes? No?


Matt Walker said...

send me a postcard so i'll have your new address! (remember to write your address on it.)

Julia Cohen said...

Okay! Let me actually buy stamps today...