Tuesday, May 1, 2012

This Evening Press

Two questions for you this evening:
1) I know there is 'chick flick' as a genre, but is there 'dick flick'? Or is that porn? Or is that the new 'bromance' genre?
2) Why was this a conversation I overheard today??:
Woman: I own so much Tupperware. I'm going to buy more.
Man: Awesome.

What I mean is, how does a conversation like that exist?

It's taken me all day to get through the intro & then 42 pages of Levinas. I feel like I relate to the larger concepts of responsibility and the face of the other, but how he gets there & where he goes from there I'm not really pumped about. "Pumped" being a serious academic term. But I do like this quote, "Being's essence is a dissipating of opacity." I'm drawn to the idea of revealing as a lessening of opacity even as complexity increases. But then he goes on & on about "the truth" & I don't buy it. He also says "Nothing is gratuitous." What do you think about that declaration? It means two totally different things, so it could read "nothing is unwarranted," which is terrifying and/or intriguing or it could mean, "Nothing is given or done free of charge," which is depressing but possibly true.

I took a Levinas break & tried to make a list that enlivened "this evening":

This evening someone forgets a scarf. This evening lilac leaves fall out of the recycling bin. This evening ice melts in the sink. This evening in scaffolding. This evening splices together a birdcage & a sand dollar. This evening devoid of cats. This evening a child stays up past curfew. This evening someone forgets to notice the moon. This evening faces west. This evening moves from the washer to the dryer. This evening licks an olive before eating it. This evening sifts for gold. This evening windowshops. This evening opens a face. This evening delivers rain to a mailbox. This evening is a folding chair. This evening slouches against a wall. This evening sleeps on someone’s chest. This evening counts. This evening in cold tea. This evening dries its hair by the window. This evening is all liquid. This evening steals lilacs. This evening catches the white spider. This evening paints on nail polish without speaking. This evening hides slippers. This evening gets change for the Laundromat. This evening is a tight dress. This evening speaks 14 languages. This evening places plums in a basket. This evening cajoles the periwinkle. This evening delivers a crib. This evening on fire. This evening out of tin cans. This evening ransacks the fresh marzipan. This evening tries to collapse the disparity between what I feel & what I say.

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