Sunday, May 27, 2012

SodaPony Press

Yesterday I met up with friends at a cafe & wrote letters. Then I basically tilted back in my chair & sat in the sun for a few hours. The wind toyed with us, knocking sunglasses, straw hats, & papers all over the patio. As Stein writes, "What is the wind, what is it." Then we migrated to a rooftop bar. The night ended after a midnight showing of The Lost Boys. What happened to Alex Winter (aka Marco) you might ask:
Something happened, though I'm not sure what.


This morning was weird. Starting with my not so bright idea to eat left overs for breakfast, since I forgot I was out of oatmeal. Which means I ate spaghetti for breakfast while watching a documentary about plastics pollution. The documentary made me feel like I should forgo the PhD & just work for an environmental regulation group or something. Or, I guess I could finish my last week of classes ever & THEN do that.

Tonight, amusement park.


Also, what's up with so many women wearing neon pink shirts lately? Everyday I see another woman a wearing neon pink. I'm not sure if there is a joke to be made, I just don't get it.

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