Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Run This Town Press

Tomorrow I'm borrowing my friend's car & returning 200-300 books to the library. The library charges me 15c a day & that adds up with so many books! That is my morning plan. Then, proof the new issue of the Denver Quarterly. Then, I will re-read a few stories from Babel's collected, then 4-8pm class. Bam. Then I will be baffled that the day happened so quickly: Where was the hangout at the soda fountain? Why didn't I catch the noon showing of the zombie flick?

My life is composed of lists until June 1st. Then it will be composed of bike rides & whiskey. And tennis. Oh yes. And hopefully dog park time.

I taught my last undergrad class today. I have office hours on Monday & a final class next Wed when they present their final papers...but no more waking up at 6am to prep. Now I'll just wake up at 6am since the light is so bright in my apartment, and lie there like a cat. Or a turtle?

This is awesome:

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