Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Riggy Press

What's up with today?

A. I'm wearing two right contacts. Deal with it.

B. Last night KJS & I came up with a new slang, riggy. As in someone is like a big rig. As in, janky but bigger, more encompassing.

C. My mind is listening to all 3 of these songs at once, if that lets you know what's happening to my mind today:

1. Beastie Boys: Root Down

2. Jazzy Jeff: I'm Looking for the One

3.Julia Holter: Sea Called Me Home

D. I'm going to play tennis tonight with SL. His goodbye party is Saturday. I might actually cry when he heads out of town. We all need more SLs in our life:

by Seth Landman

There is nothing. There is your city.
Right there, the streets out of sight.
Call me a little, pausing funeral; hats off
to the feet set going, the chief element of landscape.
There is nothing. There is the roasted river
when I go, a hand on the universal shoulder
in the face of invisible surveillance, secret dogs,
unaccountable influences. There is nothing
in not ignoring it. What is good? My curiosity
sways on an island with sounds. Things with seas.
Quick and still with wild, inmost, endless,
grand disguises. I am here exactly on this
stage, and there is nothing looming
in the world like snow on the hill in the air.

The Four Questions
by Seth Landman

In a great abundance of weaponry, I dreamt my great aunt Lillian smoothed my spine and erased my affliction. I became lost and did not want a direction. Her quilt was straight on my bed and seemed to be an ellipsis in which I could not rest. She spoke to me in Yiddish. There was a dim light in the room and my eyes felt swollen. I knew my life would continue. All of my concerns were needless. I carried the quilt outside. An airplane blinked across the sky and I thought about all of the commandments. How could I dream of them? How could I have invented this? I closed my eyes and began to know the stitches were a sign. A trapezoid would mean trouble ahead. Any shape. There is a legacy of nothing to understand, said the quilt in letters. You will build an aqueduct, and you will not be destroyed.

This is for you:

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