Sunday, May 20, 2012

Poison Ivy Press

Thanks to everyone who came to the Denver Quarterly party this Saturday. It was lovely to hear people read their favorite work spanning the 17 years of Bin's tenure as Editor. And thank you, Bin Ramke. I still have some wine & veggie plate left over, so you know, just knock on my door.

Whats going on: I'm missing one turquoise summer shoe & 1 brown boot. I've cased my apartment. My apartment is smallish. On the one hand, they can't be hiding anywhere because I've checked every corner & crevasse. On the other hand, I did not loose 2 different shoes while gallivanting around Denver. That's just not how I gallivant. Did some creepy person take them from my apartment? Is that even possible? I'm going to go home and check one more time, room by room, closet by closet (bathtub by bathtub?).

There is a solar eclipse starting around 6pm in Denver tonight. Let's all watch it together.

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