Saturday, May 5, 2012

Parent Press

The red coats are coming the red coats are coming! I mean, my parents are coming my parents are coming! Well actually by now they have officially arrived. They saw my new apartment for the first time, which I think they liked, so many blue chairs. Dried cherries & cashews. Sunlight. Plants. What’s not to like?

I’m still fighting the urge not to get internet at my apt. Right now the wifi networks in my building that scare me a bit are:

Joey’s Playhouse
Lord Helmet


These are the open questions I started class with today, trying to get them invested in a heavy text:

What do you intentionally think about & what do you actively do to evade loneliness?

Who is Rankine addressing in her title, Don’t Let Me Be Lonely? What happens to the concepts of agency and responsibility in this title?

How does our culture deal with mourning the dead? Private and/or public?

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