Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Nightjar Press

My aunt just sent me photos of her duck that just gave birth to 3 ducklings:
The yellow ones look like tennis balls with beaks.


Had to write a poem with echo rhymes for my poetics tutorial. The closer together they are, the more chant-like they become, I think. I don’t think that’s a good thing. But here were the ones I had to work with: December/ember, night/infinite, swarm/warm, chills/hills, smiles/miles, swing/wing and then eye rhymes with worn/worms and chambered/camber. I guess the balance you want to strike is creating a rhythm with the echo rhymes while also maintaining meaning that isn’t solely sonic. So, to use seemingly unrelated words (other than how they visually appear similar) to create a coherent imagistic and emotional trajectory. BTW, nightjar is a kind of bird. Also, when I write BTW I really want to write, “BTDubs.” Is this because George Dubs Bush has gotten to me? Ew.


Nightjar residue, a branch bunted & licked
clean by claw miles. Infirmed infinity.
An eye embers the night. Let’s swap
swarms, feathers for words. Worms
worn like smiles. Beaks decamp
the warm hills. My flight chills isles.
Let’s tent this month like a decoy’s
wing. You’re the weapon on the
night-swing. A camber, a curve, our
chambered dialect to deflect the supine
suspect. Morning means nothing to you.

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