Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Nerd's The Word Press

Have you heard, the nerd's the word.

I think I was having like a 3 week long panic attack. It seems to have passed. Phew. Now there seems to be less impending doom. Don't get me wrong, there is doom for sure, it just got pushed back a little. Like a play-date from hell.

Won't the snow on the goddamn tennis courts melt, though? Throw me a bone. A hot, yellow, & bouncy, tennis-ball shaped bone.


I'm wearing a new red sweater and a navy skirt. M said I officially look preppy or all-American today, which is hard to pull-off if you are Jewishy.

For most of my childhood, I never understood why all these people around me could pull off preppy collars and have coiffed hair. That sort of clothing always looked wrong on me (see photo below for evidence). It never occurred to me when I was a kid that it's because looking "all-American" excludes Jews (amongst, many other people, but those were more obvious, mainly because I was/am an atheist & didn't realize that I still looked jewish)

Now compare (NO JEWS ALLOWED, amongst many other restrictions):


Anyways. Now I'm rambling.

Will someone please play me at Scrabble (i.e. Lexulous on facebook, duh)?

I hope to write a bunch this weekend. I need to write 2 syllabi, work on a 20 page creative hermeneutics project, and send some letters via post office. And then a birthday potluck for S on Friday and a brunch on Sunday. Pumped.

Now you know everything.

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